In A Nutshell

Dinkha is about design and photography. 

Incorporating a background in graphic design with the creativity of photography, the marriage of both art forms comes together and can be used in a single project.

Say for example your business needs a design campaign that could also benefit from the use of imagery. Save time and effort by working with the same team to complete the whole project in a consistent, cost effective manner! 

Every project is unique and every detail is taken into effect during the whole process, from start to finish.

Are You Ready?

Rather than boring you with endless paragraphs about what we can do, let us show you instead.

The design section has all the necessary information if you're looking to create an effective brand. Looking to improve your existing brand? No problem, we'd love to help.

The photography section gives you a brief description of our offerings. See how you can add life to your projects with imagery.